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We assist people to help themselves. Thus we work together with partner organisations in India and Nepal. They are familiar with the local situation and are trusted by the people. Our projects empower people to master and improve their living conditions with regard to education, self determination and healthcare. find out more...

Patron Ilse Storb

Karuna Germany is happy for the support of our patron Prof. Dr. Ilse Storb. Ilse is former professor for Jazz research and classically trained pianist. Throughout all her life she has been building bridges between different peoples and cultures by means of music. Her special emphasis is on world music such as African and Asian music.

Supporters relate

"I consider it important to give people help for selfhelp to enable them to develop their potential. Supporters of Karuna work on a voluntary basis with much commitment, so the assistance for people in need is really effectiv. It is emotionally affecting to follow the progress of the projects (e.g. Facebook) and watching what is happening in the projects. It confirms the value of the work of Karuna Deutschland." 

Heike Höning, Meerbusch

"I feel deeply touched by the situation of the Dalits in India. Prejudices and discrimination make me very sad. I want to help people being liberated from this apparently destitute situation. Karuna Deutschland maintains good contact to people on the ground who are very dedicated in providing assistance to selfhelp. Each individual matters and influences his social environment."

Claudia Krüger, Essen

"I support  Karuna Deutschland because this organisation is effectively and unbureaucraticly providing valuable assistance.The extremely low administrative costs make my donation go where help is really needed."

Dietmar Becker, Sundern

"I have been so fortunate to meet the head of one project supported by Karuna Deutschland. She is a young doctor carrying out fantastic work in Nepal. I seldom experienced someone so directly convincing.
With rather modest funds great changes are achieved here."
Andrea Brandenburger, Essen



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